Probate, Wills & Trusts, & Estate Planning

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Probate law deals with the supervision of an estate when a person passes away. The Probate process is often difficult and convoluted. The establishment of a trust or creating an estate plan, that can help avoid a drawn-out probate process. If you haven’t already taken the appropriate measures to protect your estate, and the long-term interests of your family, we have several strategies that our legal team will help implement to protect your estate in the instance of incapacitation or death.

It is imperative to quickly and efficiently resolve a person’s legal and financial affairs if their estate is being probated. In order to properly resolve all the claims associated with the deceased individual’s estate, it is important to have a skilled attorney navigate the probate process for you. The probate process involves legal expertise in the areas of Estate Planning (which can help protect you from a lengthy probate process), Wills, Trusts, Guardianship & Conservatorships, in addition to a keen understanding of the nuances of business and tax law that are at the core of the probate process.

At the Sefyan Law Offices, it is our objective to help you plan for the proper distribution of your estate. Whether you’re considering planning for the establishment of your estate, or stuck in the contentious probate process, we recommend you consult with an attorney, by calling (818) 925-9339, to help protect the future of your family and generations to come.

Estate Planning

Individuals often neglect taking the appropriate steps to protect the long-terms interests of their estate. Instituting an estate plan will not only put you in control of your finances, it will also protect your family from the financial hardship associated with protecting your estate in the incident you become disabled or pass away.

Even if you’ve already managed to create an estate plan, it is highly advisable to consult with an attorney regarding the current legal landscape and how changes to Californian law can affect your estate plan. At the Sefyan Law Offices, we are conversant in the current laws that affect estate planning and are available to help guide you towards crafting a new plan or updating your current estate plan.


Having a will ensures that your wishes regarding the distribution and care of your property are determined in line with your desires. In order to avoid the uncertainly and potential conflict that may arise between your loved ones after you pass, it is critical that a skilled attorney help you craft a last will and testament, to ensure your assets are handled in the appropriate manner, to benefit your family. Professionally crafted wills are highly recommended to provide direction regarding your last wishes.

In addition to a last will and testament, a living will provides your family with a health care directive that will determine how you’d like to be treated in the event that you become incapacitated. This document will provide your loved ones and health care providers with thorough medical direction only when you become incompetent.

We are more than happy to provide the best advice and strategy to ensure the future of your family is safeguarded after your passing.


Trusts are legal agreements where a designated trustee (a person of your choice) holds legal title to your property or assets. A trustee can be an institution or individual, whereas the trustor is always the person for whom the trust is being held. Although there are several different types of trusts, all of which have different applications, it is generally recommended to establish a trust in order to avoid a lengthy probate process. A trust provides power of attorney to an institution or individual who can manage assets outside of the probate process. At the Sefyan Law Offices, we recommend consulting with an attorney, by calling (818) 925-9339, in order to make an informed decision about establishing a trust and taking the appropriate action to avoid a lengthy probate process.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

In the unfortunate event that an individual has become incapacitated without having properly executed an estate plan or living will, requesting a guardianship and conservatorship is a method by which a probate court determines who will be appointed to make the appropriate decisions regarding the person or his/her estate. Although this can be a difficult and contentious situation, at the Sefyan Law Offices, we have experience handling cases that are distinct to the needs of each individual and family. Our dedication and individual consultation will prepare you for the probate process and the responsibility associated with assuming the guardianship and conservatorship for a loved one. If you feel it is necessary to secure a guardianship or conservatorship for someone in your life, please contact us immediately, at (818) 925-9339, for an assessment of your options.

Probate Litigation

If there is a legal dispute during the probate process, such as contention of a will, at the Sefyan Law Offices, we have a skilled team that is prepared to protect the best interests of you and your family. We understand that family infighting and financial hardship may arise during probate litigation, and for that reason, we are focused on reaching an amicable solution that benefits the heirs of the estate and follows the appropriate probate process. If you’re faced with a similar situation, it is critical that you contact an attorney, by calling (818) 925-9339, as soon as possible, to protect your interests in probate court.

If you need help with a Probate case, please contact Armen Sefyan at (818) 925-9339 for a free consultation.